Club for Growth

"Tax Redux"
30-second ad run in Des Moines, Iowa and Manchester, NH starting Dec. 4, 2003. 

Red Sea, LLC


For three decades, Democratic presidential candidates have supported huge tax increases.

This year, they're back.

Howard Dean says he'll raise taxes on the average family by more than nineteen hundred dollars a year.

Dean says he'll raise income taxes, marriage taxes, capital gains taxes, dividend taxes, even bring back the death tax.

These Democrats found out that Americans can't afford higher taxes.

Will Howard Dean ever learn?


On the screen
Notes and Observations:  According to the press release accompanying this ad, it is "the first of a series [of] television ads that show Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean's abysmal record on taxes."  The release quotes Club for Growth president Stephen Moore stating,"Howard Dean represents a real threat to America's economic future...  The country has had a forceful economic rebound due in large part to President Bush's tax cuts.  Handing over the economy to Howard Dean would give him a license to pick our pockets."