American Federation of Government Employees

"Veterans Only" 30-second TV spot run in NH starting week of Dec. 15, 2003.

MacWilliams, Robinson and Partners


Susan Behr, RN, VA Medical Center: We maintain our VA hospitals and care for our nation's veterans.

Carl L. Powers, Jr. Veteran: As veterans we fought for our country and we were promised health care.  That's all we want.

Mark Gibson, Veteran: It is imperative that we take care of those that preserve and protect our freedom.

Powers: The Bush administration is cutting staff and contracting out, and it's hurting us.

Behr: Contracting out has meant that our veterans have to drive longer distances for their health care and they have to wait longer to receive those health care services.

Powers: Today's soldier is tomorrow's veteran, and we have an obligation to him.


On the screen: Medium close up shots of people talking to the camera.
Notes and Observations: An AFGE press release describes the ad campaign.