Americans for Jobs, Health Care & Progressive Values

late Dec. 2003


[Music] Male Announcer: Just the facts. 

Howard Dean backed the Republican plan in Congress to cut Medicare by over 250 billion dollars. 

Howard Dean and George Bush stood together and supported the unfair NAFTA trade agreement. 

And in Vermont, Howard Dean was endorsed eight times by the National Rifle Association.  The NRA even gave Dean an "A" rating -- an A! 

[SFX] So if you thought Howard Dean had a progressive record...check the facts and please,  think again.


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Notes and Observations

This "group" was formed on Nov. 7, 2003.  As of year end 2003 it reported contributions of $663,000 and expenditures of $626,640.50.

Major Contributors to Americans for Jobs Health Care and Progressive Values
Form 8872 Year End 2003
S. Daniel Abraham (West Palm Beach, FL)
Chairman, Healthy Foods of America
YES Network, LLC (New York) $100,000
Torricelli for Senate $50,000
International Association of Machinists $50,000
Laborers International Union $50,000
International Longshoremen's Association $50,000
Duffy, Duffy, Burdo (Uniondale, NY) $50,000
J. McDonald Williams (Dallas, TX) retired $50,000
International Association of Ironworkers $25,000
Transport Workers Union $20,000