Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.

"100 Days"
60-second radio ad released March 11, 2004.


VO: Paid for by Bush-Cheney '04, Inc. 

President Bush: I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message. 





Throughout history, The President of the United States has set an agenda for America in his first 100 Days. 

In President Bush's first 100 Days, he pushed for historic education reforms, higher pay for our soldiers, and the largest tax relief package in history to grow the economy and create jobs. 

But John Kerry's first hundred days? 

His plan to pay for new government spending will raise taxes at least 900 billion dollars including taxes on small businesses - costing jobs and reversing our economic recovery. 

He'll weaken the Patriot Act used to arrest terrorists and protect America. 

And Kerry would have delayed defending America until the United Nations approved. 

Raise Taxes, Weaken the Patriot Act, Delay Defending America 

John Kerry: Wrong on taxes. Wrong on defense.


Notes and Observations: See also the television version of this ad.