Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.

30-second ad released March 25, 2004. 


President Bush:  I’m George W. Bush and I approve this message.

Male Announcer: John Kerry’s economic record: [SFX] Troubling…..

Kerry voted to increase [SFX] taxes on Social Security benefits.  [SFX]

And, he voted against giving small businesses tax credits to buy health care for employees. [SFX]

Kerry even supported raising taxes on gasoline 50-cents a gallon… [SFX]

Now John Kerry’s plan will raise taxes by at least 900 [SFX] billion dollars his first hundred days in office…. [SFX]

And that’s just his first 100 days.

en Español 

Presidente Bush: Soy George W. Bush y aprobé este mensaje. 

VO:  El plan económico de John Kerry… preocupa

Kerry votó por aumentar los impuestos de los beneficios del Seguro Social.

Se negó ayudar a nuestras pequeñas empresas poder dar mejores beneficios médicos a sus empleados

Kerry apoyó subir los impuestos de la gasoline…. 50 centavos por galón

Ahora el plan de Kerry aumentará los impuestos 900 billones de dolares…

Y eso es solo en los primeros 100 días


On the Screen: Opening shots are (1.) Bush, apparently on balcony at the White House, turning to look at the camera--soft filter; and (2.) Bush walking colonnade.  Bulk of the ad consists of a grid of squares at a bit of an angle.  Each square has a video clip or text; hone in on individual squares.
Notes and Observations