Bush-Cheney '04

Run in the Monday, April 26, 2004 main news sections of both The Wheeling Intelligencer and The Wheeling News-Register (coinciding with Sen. Kerry's visit). 


Top Ten Questions West Virginians Should Ask John Kerry 

1. You voted for global warming legislation last year that would destroy 50,000 coal jobs and reduce coal use by 75 percent. Will you vote for that legislation again? 

2. In addition to your global warming vote last year, your continued criticism of President Bush for rejecting the Kyoto treaty suggests that you support Kyoto mandates which would destroy West Virginia coal and 43,000 jobs in the state. Why won't you let that treaty die? 

3. In 1999, you voted against Sen. Byrd's amendment to save mountaintop mining in West Virginia, which employs 15,500 coal miners and provides $21.8 million for our children's schools. Do you regret that vote? 

4. Will you renounce your support for the Jeffords power plant emissions bill, which would decimate the coal industry in West Virginia? 

5. The League of Conservation Voters, which endorsed you for president, refers to coal as "one of the destructive fossil fuels of our past that pollutes our air and water." Do you agree with them? 

6. Coal provides 98 percent of West Virginia's electricity, and renewable energy fuels provide just 0.4 percent. You want to force West Virginia to use 20 percent of renewable energy for its electricity. Will you reconsider that position? 

7. How can you justify voting against funding for our troops after voting for military action in Iraq? 

8. Why should gun owners trust you to protect second amendment rights when you have received F's from both the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of America? 

9. Why should tens of thousands of NRA members in West Virginia vote for you when you have said, "I don't want to be the candidate of the NRA in this country?" 

10. What is the Scaramouche?


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