Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.

"Take A Look" webmercial May 12, 2004.

Run on more than 50 Web sites, including Yahoo!, MSN, the Food Network, Better Homes & Gardens, In Style, Weather.com and regional newspaper sites.


First Lady Laura Bush: I'm Laura Bush.  From day one, the President has been a friend to parents and teachers who want to improve America's schools.  The President is so committed to education reform because he looks at schools as a parent looks at schools.  He wants to make sure that children who are at risk of being left behind get the help they need to be successful students.  The No Child Left Behind Act combines more federal education spending than ever before with high standards and accountability, so that we know the money is being put to good use.  And new testing tools will help teachers diagnose problems, so that children who need extra help get it.

I've seen the President reading with children encouraging them as they go through their lessons, talking to them about the importance of going to college.  He knows education policy is not just about passing laws in Washington.  It's about giving teachers and parents the tools they need to provide a first-rate education for students all over America.  Please watch this.

[Web version of TV spot "The Key to Success"]

Voiceover: As Governor, George Bush enacted reforms that produced dramatic results.

As President, he signed the most significant education reforms in 35 years.

Because accountability and high standards are the keys to quality schools, the President's reforms give parents the tools needed to measure a child's progress.

Today public schools require raised standards, well qualified teachers, accountability to parents.

Because no child in America should be left behind.

First Lady Laura Bush: Providing a quality education for our children is the single most important responsibility we have.  That's why I've traveled the country over the last three years to make sure children are ready to go to school before they even set foot in a classroom through the Ready to Read, Ready to Learn initiative.  Through a variety of programs, I'm spreading the word to recruit new teachers, whether it's straight out of college or as a second career.  And this year, I'm bringing attention to our middle school children who are striving to read.  We must get them the help they need before they get to high school.

Remember when you vote this fall, you're voting for our future.  Please vote for President Bush.  Thank you.

Notes and Observations: According to the press release this ad campaign is targeted to women.  The release also states that, "This is the first time Bush-Cheney '04 has advertised on the Internet, and this is the first use of video in an online advertisement by a presidential campaign."