Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.

30-second ad released July  8, 2004. 


President Bush: I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message.

Female Announcer:  Leadership means choosing priorities.

While campaigning, John Kerry has missed over two thirds of all votes.

Missed a vote to lower health-care costs by reducing frivolous lawsuits against doctors.

Missed a vote to fund our troops in combat.

Yet, Kerry found time to vote against the Laci Peterson law that protects pregnant women from violence. 

Kerry has his priorities.  Are they yours?


On the Screen
Notes and Observations: In a conference call upon the release of this ad, Bush-Cheney '04 Communications Director Nicolle Devenish stated:

"This ad is part of a dialogue with the American people that we'll have in the weeks leading up to the Democrat convention at the end of the month about the priorities of America's families. 

"It's our belief that a Senator's voting record is the best indication of his priorities.  The votes he cast for and against certain measures; the votes he missed and the votes that he hurried back to Washington DC to cast all provide the best blueprint for how he will lead.

"In John Kerry's case, he worked hard to earn the distinction of being the Senate's most out of the mainstream member.  And he cemented this position earlier this week with his selection of the Senate's fourth most out of the mainstream member as his running mate.

"Together they are more distanced from the values and priorities of mainstream America than any ticket in the history of the Democratic Party.

"Together, they opposed tax relief for moms and dads, married couples and small businesses.

"Together, they oppose measures to make health care more affordable. 

"Together, they opposed body armor, health care and combat pay for our troops on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"And together they've consistently voted against measures to strengthen America's families.

"Together, they stand out of the mainstream on the values and priorities that make America strong.

"Something else is happening. John Kerry is trying to run away from the record that made him the most liberal member of the United States Senate. 

"He began this 'extreme makeover' last week on a bus trip when he declared that he understood the conservative values they feel in the heartland.

"We entirely anticipated this campaign trail conversion, and we're prepared to set the record straight.

"With his statement, John Kerry made clear that he's completely un-tethered to a 20 year voting record that earned him the distinction of being the Senate's most liberal member.

"This ad, and a series of print and radio ads that will appear in markets around the country will launch a process of holding John Kerry to the record he's earned. 

"On issue after issue, the extreme makeover has begun.  John Kerry began this process as the duckling of the Far Left and hopes to emerge at his convention as the swan of the heartland.  Only the truth about his record will prevent this phony makeover of the nation's most out of the mainstream Senator." 

Statement from Kerry campaign spokesman Chad Clanton:
"This ad illustrates the kind of negative, misleading and pessimistic campaign the Bush-Cheney team is running. They've got no record to run on, no positive vision for the future, so they attack.  The American people deserve better, and that's exactly what Kerry and Edwards will give them."