Bush-Cheney '04, Inc. and Republican National Committee

"Very Busy Man"
60-second radio ad announced July. 15, 2004.

VOICE OVER A:  "John Kerry is a very busy man."

JOHN KERRY:  "This is wreaking havoc with my schedule."

VOICE OVER A:  "So busy that while campaigning, Kerry missed over two thirds of all votes in the Senate."

VOICE OVER B:  "Kerry missed a vote to lower health care costs by reducing frivolous lawsuits against doctors."

VOICE OVER A:  "Kerry missed a vote to fund our troops in combat."

VOICE OVER B:  "Yet, Kerry did find time to show up to vote against the Laci Peterson law - the law protecting pregnant women from violence."

VOICE OVER A:  "And when you find out about Kerry's extreme voting record, it makes you wish he never showed up to vote."

VOICE OVER B:  "Because Kerry voted against parental notification for teenage abortions..."

VOICE OVER A:  "Taking control away from parents..."

VOICE OVER B:  "Taking away their right to know."

VOICE OVER A:  "And Kerry even voted to allow schools to hand out the morning after pill without parents' knowledge."

VOICE OVER B:  "If these are John Kerry's priorities, let's hope there is a lot of havoc in his schedule."

Notes and Observations: