Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.

30-second ad released Aug.  3, 2004. 


President Bush voiceover: I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message.

Female Announcer: The last few years have tested America in many ways.

But together, we're rising to the challenge.

Standing up against terrorism and working to grow our economy.

What gives us optimism and hope?

Freedom, faith, families and sacrifice.

President Bush.  Moving America Forward.


On the Screen: 1. ECU clip of Bush; he turns his head, looks to the distance and moves his lips slightly.  2. B&W clip of man and woman standing on tree-lined street and "For Sale by Owner" sign in foreground.  3. Quick clip of American flag in front of wrecked WTC facade; streaking effects added.  4. Quick MCU of African American man's face.  5. B&W CU of firefighters' helmets and gear.  6. B&W medium shot of firefighters' helmet and gear.   7. CU of a woman's face; she turns.  8. Clip of two people on green grassy hill; tree in foreground.  9. Closer clip of the two people on the grassy hill; one points to distance.  10. Two firefighters flanking two men who are wearing Bush-Cheney T-shirts.  11. Two men smiling.  12. Clip of soldier walking away from the camera (lookes like a port area.).  13. Wide shot of "Open" sign  in window.   14. Medium shot of "Open" sign in window.  15. Clip of worker, sparks flying.  16. Family.  17. Kid jumping off a school bus.  18. Close up of a kid's face.  19. Family on couch.  20. Family at table saying grace.  21. Family.  22. Firefighters.  23. A man, whose tag on his work uniform identifies him as "Don," is looking in through the glass front door of a business; there is an American flag sticker on the glass.  The man nods his head slightly, then turns away.  Includes disclaimer and "President Bush: Moving America Forward").
Notes and Observations: One of the most complex ads to date in terms of the number of clips used.  "Together" creates a mood or presents a big picture rather than addressing specific issues facing the country.  Bush himself is only seen in the opening clip.  Some of the imagery has been used in earlier ads, which may help the ad resonate with viewers.