Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.

"Solemn Duty"
30-second ad released Aug. 11, 2004. 


President Bush: I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message.

My most solemn duty is to lead our nation to protect ourselves.

I can't imagine the great agony of a mom or dad having to make the decision about which child to pick up first on September the 11th.

We cannot hesitate, we cannot yield, we must do everything in our power to bring an enemy to justice before they hurt us again.

Graphic: President Bush: Moving America Forward


On the Screen: President Bush speaking, and Laura Bush at his side. 
Notes and Observations: Kerry campaign spokesman Chad Clanton responded thusly:

"This is Bush's idea of an optimistic campaign?  The president has his back against the wall, so now he invokes September 11th in his ads and getting rid of IRS on the stump.  If you ever wanted proof that the Bush campaign has reached the point of desperation, now we have it.   It's another sign Bush has lost credibility -- he can't speak to a single issue voters care about: not jobs, not health care, not deficits." 

Earlier,  in an Aug. 5, 2004 online chat, Bush-Cheney media director Mark McKinnon had stated :

"We've always believed that 9-11 is and should be a centerpiece of this campaign.  It is the most formidable event perhaps of our lifetimes.  And certainly has shaped everything that is happening now in terms of our economy and our foreign policy.  We felt it was important in the spring as we began our advertising to remind people just how significant this event was for all Americans and that it's a challenge that we've all faced together.  So, now the Democrats are talking about it as well, and we will continue to talk about 9-11 in an appropriate fashion throughout the campaign."