Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.

"Taxing Our Economy"
30-second ad released Aug. 23, 2004 to run "on national cable and in select local markets.  A radio version of the advertisement will also run in select local markets."

George W. Bush voiceover: I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message.


Female Announcer: Now Kerry promises ....


John Kerry:  We won't raise taxes on the middle class.


Female Announcer:  Really???

John Kerry's voted to raise gas taxes on the middle class ....10 times....

He supported a 50 cent a gallon gas tax increase.

Higher taxes on middle class parents.... 18 times.

He voted to raise taxes on social security benefits.

98 votes for tax increases.

There's what Kerry says and then there's what Kerry does. 


On the Screen:  There is an opening clip of Bush interacting with a voter for the disclaimer.  The rest of the ad is various clips of Kerry run in a TV monitor frame with text reinforcing the points made by the announcer run on the left side of the screen.
Notes and Observations:  The Kerry-Edwards campaign provided this response:

"On a day when millions of Americans will lose overtime protections, George W. Bush is falsely attacking John Kerry to cover up the fact that the Bush tax cuts have hurt working families, placing an even greater tax burden on them.   The bottom line is that George Bush is out of credibility, and the American people just won't believe his attacks.  John Kerry wants to reduce taxes on 98% of all Americans and 99% of all businesses.  He's fought for middle class tax cuts his entire career.  Bush and Cheney, however, can't come close to making the same claim," Kerry spokesman Phil Singer.