Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.

"Common Sense Vs. Higher Taxes"

30-second ad released Sept. 17, 2004.

President Bush: I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message.


Voice Over: President Bush and our leaders in Congress have a common sense plan to grow our economy.



President Bush & Congressional Plan:

Small Business Job Growth

New Skills Through Education

A Fairer, Simpler Tax Code


Voice Over: And create jobs so small businesses can expand and hire.


The Liberals in Congress and Kerry's Plan: Raises taxes on small business.

900,000 small business owners would pay higher tax rates than most multinational corporations.



Liberals in Congress & Kerry's Plan:

Raises Taxes on 900,000 Small Business Owners

Small Businesses Pay More Taxes Than Big Corporations


Voice Over: Tax increases would hurt jobs, hurt small business and hurt our economy.



Liberals in Congress and Kerry's Plan:

Higher Taxes

Hurt Our Economy


On the Screen
Notes and Observations: