Bush-Cheney '04, Inc. and Republican National Committee

"Two Plans"
60-second radio ad released Sept. 17, 2004.

President Bush: I'm George W Bush and I approve this message.
Voice Over: Paid for By Bush Cheney 04, Inc. and The Republican National Committee.
Jay Moccia: Hi, I'm Jay Moccia.  I'm a law enforcement officer from the Greater Boston area with a wife and six kids and yea I know you think my accent is funny. 

But I gotta tell you - there are really two different plans out there for America

John Kerry and his liberal buddies in Congress want to raise your taxes. 

Trust me, I know.  This guy's been my Senator down in Washington with his liberal buddies for 20 years.

You small business owners should look out.

Under their plan small businesses would pay higher tax rates than some big multinational companies. And that's just wrong.  

How are they gonna hire new people? 

How are they gonna help build our economy?

And just wait until they get into your healthcare.

has more control than your doctor.  Or you. 

Sure, we've got problems with healthcare.

But this isn't the solution -- especially when the price tag is 1.5 trillion dollars! 

And you know who pays for that? 

Us.  Higher Taxes.

John Kerry and his liberal buddies in Congress want to make all the decisions for you, and then stick you with the bill.

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