Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.


60-second radio ad announced Oct. 28, 2004 airing in select Iowa markets.

VO: Here’s our Senator Chuck Grassley, with a serious message…and a bad cold.

Senator Grassley: The Bush-Grassley Tax Relief and Medicare bills brought needed tax relief to hard working Iowans and gave our seniors a prescription drug benefit for the first time.

And we’ll do whatever it takes to keep America safe from another terrorist attack. 

Our opposition takes a different approach. 

John Kerry missed 36 of 38 votes on Medicare last year.

John Kerry’s plans won’t help us in Iowa.

He said he would raise taxes on our small business.

Trust me, if John Kerry says he’s going raise taxes, that’s one thing he won’t change his mind on. 

I’m asking for your vote on November 2, and urging you to join me in voting for George Bush.  We’re a good team for Iowa. 

VO: Paid for by Bush-Cheney ’04 Inc. and The Grassley Committee, Inc. 

Senator Grassley: This is Senator Grassley.  President Bush and I approve this message.


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