Clark for President

George Jones
radio ad run in TN starting Feb. 7, 2004.

Joe Slade White

George Jones: This is George Jones. 

You know I've never done anything like this before, but I feel so strongly about where our country is headed, that I want to share with you why I'm supporting General Wes Clark for President. 

Wes Clark has dedicated his whole life to three principles, duty, honor, and country. And he shares the same values that you and I share here in Tennessee. 

Wes Clark knows what it means to put his life and career on the line for this country, and he'll put the nation's interests first - not the Washington special interests. 

I'm George Jones. Like Wes Clark, I'm no career politician, but I know a leader when I see one, and that's why I'm asking you to vote for Wes Clark for President on Tuesday.

Voice: Paid for by Clark 04.

Wes Clark: This is Wes Clark and I approve this message. 


Notes and Observations: Jones is a "country music legend and life-long Tennessean."