Clark for President

TV spot run in NH starting Nov. 18, 2003.

Joe Slade White


[Background SFX and music] Male Announcer: The first bullet shattered his
hand.  The second and third hit his shoulder and leg.  As he hit the jungle floor, he rallied the troops and directed the firefight.  He remained with his unit until the battle was over. 

Now when we need a leader to clean up the mess in Iraq, he's the one who has done it.  In the Balkans he helped negotiate a peace between bitter enemies and led a multinational force that stopped a campaign of terror, liberated a people and brought peace without the loss of a single American soldier. 

He speaks four languages, but his actions speak more eloquently than words. 

He can get our country moving on jobs and health care. 

A quiet, real American courage, in a man who cares first about the people he leads. 

Wes Clark's life is simply an American story, but he will make an extraordinary American president. 

Wes Clark (voiceover): I'm Wes Clark and I approve this message.


On the screen: A series of black and white still photos.
Notes and Observations: Use of the black an white stills provides a kind of elegance to this ad.