Clark for President

30-second TV spot run in NH starting Dec. 8, 2003.

Joe Slade White

Wesley Clark: We need to get back to the simple principle that it's the duty of leaders, whether in business or government, to look out for the people they lead, not just for themselves. 

Most of us keep our part of that bargain, we work hard, pay taxes and play by the rules. 

But leaders have to keep their part of the bargain too and they have to expect to be held accountable. 

As President, I promise I'll never forget that. 

I'm Wes Clark and I approve this message.


On the screen: 1. Medium shot of Clark, wearing suit and tie, talking to the camera; camera slowly zooms in to MCU.  2. Text "Wesley Clark for President: Democrat" and website address (this is up when he says "they have to expect to be held accountable.")  3. MCU of Clark speaking with disclaimer at bottom of screen.
Notes and Observations: Broadly speaking...