Clark for President

30-second TV spot run in NH starting Dec. 18, 2003.  Also run in SC, OK and AZ.

Joe Slade White

Wesley Clark: Those who've gotten us into the mess in Iraq refuse to admit they were wrong. 

But now we need to succeed. 

That means putting Iraqis back in charge, international authority to help, and NATO to keep the peace until Iraqis can protect themselves. 

I'm Wes Clark and I approve this message.

I've led soldiers into battle and I know that you never use force except as a last resort. 

I'll get us out of this mess and I won't get us into another one.


On the screen: 1. Medium shot of Clark, wearing suit, white shirt and red tie, talking to the camera; camera slowly zooms in to MCU.  2. Text "Wesley Clark for President: Democrat."  3. MCU of Clark speaking with disclaimer at bottom of screen.
Notes and Observations: Curious timing, coming soon after the capture of Saddam Hussein (announced Dec. 14, 2003).