Clark for President

"What If"
30-second TV spot run in NH starting Dec. 29, 2003.  Also run in SC and OK.

Joe Slade White

[Music] Male Announcer:  What if we could have a president who in his lifetime has seen ordinary people do extraordinary things?  Because he believed in them. 

Who was decorated for valor and for service to our country. 

Who helped negotiate a peace.

And has dedicated his life to protecting our country.  Because like you he believes America is ready to do great things. 

A new  American leader.

Clark:   I'm Wes Clark and I approve this message.


On the screen:  1. Text "What if we could have a president?" (white on black background).  2. B&W still photo of Clark with man behind the counter in restaurant.  3. B&W still photo of Clark in camouflage uniform and helmet with hand on shoulder of soldier.  4. Clip of Clark receiving decoration from President Clinton; Hillary Rodham Clinton and others seated in the background applaud.  5. Text "Helped negotiate the Bosnia Peace Accords."  6. B&W still photo of Clark talking to young man.  7. B&W still photo of Clark, seated in between two people, listening.  8. B&W still photo of Clark and young kids reading a book.  9. Wes Clark for President Democrat, website address and disclaimer.  10. B&W still photo of Clark smiling, disclaimer still at bottom of screen.
Notes and Observations:  A broad, inspirational message.