Clark for President

30-second TV spot released on Dec. 30, 2003.  Run in NH, SC, OK, AZ and TN.

Joe Slade White

[Music] Pat Williams: Even though he was the commanding general, you were never left to feel less than, regardless of your rank, your gender, or your race.

General Clark was very supportive of women.  I'm just an average soldier, serving under a great man.  A man who makes no apologies for doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Wesley Clark: I'm Wes Clark, and I approve this message.

Williams: General Clark makes everybody feel important.


On the screen: 1. Medium close up of Williams talking to the camera; add CG "Major Patricia Williams (ret.) U.S. Army."  2. Zoom out on still photo of Clark addressing soldiers.  3. Photo of Clark apparently awarding some kind of honor.  4. Photo of Williams in uniform.  5. Williams talking to the camera.  6. Black and white still photo of Clark with website address and disclaimer.  7. Williams talking to the camera with address and disclaimer still on screen.
Notes and Observations:  A straightforward testimonial from Army Major Patricia Williams (ret.) who worked for General Clark as part of the 1st Calvary Division at Fort Hood, Texas, when Clark was the commanding general.   She now runs her own small business in Washington, DC.