Clark for President

30-second TV spot 

Joe Slade White

[Music] Male Announcer: It's happening.  While others have torn people down, Wes Clark is raising our hopes.

He can get us out of the mess in Iraq, stand up to the special interests, cut taxes for families, and get things done for health care, jobs and education by putting principle above politics.

Wes Clark is uniting us and motivating people to believe in themselves again.

A quiet, real American courage.

Wes Clark: I'm Wes Clark and I approve this message.


On the screen: 1. Wide shot clip of Clark walking in front of a line of people applauding.  2. CU clip of Clark and a person who is smiling (considerable camera movement).  3. Medium wide clip of Clark speaking in a town hall like setting, people in the background.  4. Text screen "The courage to lead"  5. Medium clip of Clark speaking in a town hall like setting.  6. Text screen "Tax Reform Plan  $1,500 back in the pockets of a typical family"  7. CU clip of Clark looking intently (at kid, off camera).  8. MW clip of Clark and kids playing with blocks.  9.  MCU clip of Clark with blocks in the foreground.  10. Text screen "Principle above politics"  11. CU clip of Clark, wearing white shirt and tie, speaking; red and white stripes of the flag in the background.  12. Clark, in town hall setting, walking towards the camera; part of the screen obscured.  13. Clark with people; someone's hand on his shoulder.  14. MW clip of Clark and kids with blocks.  15. Text screen "Wes Clark  Democrat for President  A Higher Standard of Leadership," website address and disclaimer.  16. Another clip of Clark with kids and blocks.
Notes and Observations: The opening clip reminds one of the scene when a president enters the House for a State of the Union address.