Clark for President

30-second TV spot run in NH starting Dec. 2, 2003.  Also run in SC, OK, and TN.


[Background music] Male Announcer: What kind of leader will he be? 

From a middle class background he graduated first in his class at West Point and rose to become a four-star general. 

He was never a "yes man," and stood up for what he believed was right. 

He fought for better schools and for better health care for those he led because it was the right thing to do. 

A quiet, real American courage, he will make an extraordinary American president.

Wes Clark (voiceover): I'm Wes Clark and I approve this message.


On the screen: A series of black and white still photos; several text screens interspersed throughout.  1. Opens with text screen "What kind of leader will he be?"  2. Snapshot of young Clark holding dog.  3.  Photo of Clark in uniform shaking someone's hand "1st in his class at West Point"  4. Close up of Clark in fatigues, four star clearly visible on his cap, in middle of a closely packed crowd.  5. Text screen "responsibility"  6. Clark wearing white shirt and tie, sleeves rolled up, speaking to crowd.  7. Clark looking at a computer as a young girl smiles at him.  8. Clark eating with an African American man in what appears to be a diner.  9. Clark looking at someone.  10. Clark with a background of white stars.  11. Text screen "Wes Clark for President: Democrat" website address and disclaimer.  12. Medium close up of smiling Clark with website address and disclaimer still on the screen.
Notes and Observations