"Dream Candidate"
60 second radio ad started run in NH week of May 29, 2003 on WGIR, WQSO, and WPKQ.

M:   A Message from


F:    Is it just me, or are there a million people running for president?

M:   Yeah!  But I’m not really inspired by any of them. 

F:    Wouldn’t it be great if we could create our own president?  A real dream candidate? 

M:    Yeah! We’d make him reeeeealy smart.

F:     Rhodes Scholar! Oxford graduate! 

M:    Dream on!

F:    Okay, West Point graduate too. First in his class!   

M:   War hero?

F:    Vietnam combat veteran. Four-star general! Supreme allied commander of NATO. Just like President Eisenhower. 

M:     (laughing) Let me get this straight: Genius, war hero, four-star general, how about...?

F:    Business visionary? Chairman of a company developing technology that could someday break our dependence on foreign oil.

M:    All that in one? THAT would be a dream.

F:    No – that would be General Wesley Clark.  And that’s why we’re working to draft General Clark to run for president. For more information, please visit 

General Wesley Clark. Vietnam combat veteran. Rhodes Scholar, four-star general, business leader, and with your support – the next president of the United States. 

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