Dean for America

30-second TV spot run in NH starting Aug. 6, 2003.

Trippi, McMahon & Squier

Howard Dean (to camera):  I'm Howard Dean.

I'm running for President because the only way to beat George Bush is to stand up to him.

I opposed the war with Iraq when too many other Democrats supported it because I want a foreign policy consistent with American values.

I want to repeal the Bush tax cuts so we can make health care available for every American.

As Governor, I made sure that every child in my state had health insurance.  We added jobs, we raised the minimum wage and we balanced budgets.

I'm Howard Dean and I approved this message because it's time to take our country back.

On the Screen: Medium wide shot of Dean talking to the camera, with a tractor and red barn like structure in the background.  He is wearing a bluish shirt and no tie.  Dean takes a step towards the camera. Camera slowly zooms in.  Finish with logo.

Notes and Observations: James Pindell of reported the Dean campaign ran this ad on WMUR-TV on August 6-11, "purchasing a total net of $45,989.25 in ads with a commission fee to Joe Trippi' firm of $8,115.75."