Dean for America

"Did It"
30-second TV spot run in Iowa starting Oct. 21, 2003 

Trippi, McMahon &

Dean: Seniors today are getting clobbered by prescription drug costs.  But instead of fixing the problem, the best my opponents can do is talk about what was said eight years ago.

As Governor, I provided prescription drug assistance for seniors and got health care coverage for nearly every child in my state.

For years the politicians in Washington have talked about health insurance and a prescription drug benefit.  And all you got was talk.  But we did it in Vermont.

I'm Howard Dean and I approved this message because only you have the power to change Washington.


Notes and Observations: Two campaigns were quick to respond to this ad.   On October 22, the Kerry campaign sent out a release with the subject heading "DEAN GOES NEGATIVE..."  Later the same day Gephardt responded with a more detailed statement in which he vowed to "put my record on health care up against anyone else's."   On October 23, the Dean campaign replied with a "Statement by Dean Campaign Manager Joe Trippi Setting the Record Straight on Campaign Ads."  statements