Dean for America

30-second TV spot run in NH starting Oct. 22, 2003 

Trippi, McMahon &

Dean: A hundred and thirty thousand troops in Iraq, with no end in sight and a price tag that goes up daily and the best my opponents can do is ask questions today that they should have asked before they supported the war. 

I opposed the war from the start because I want a foreign policy consistent with American values and I want to reclaim our rights and our liberties that were taken away in the name of patriotism. 

I'm Howard Dean and I approved this message because only you have the power to restore the dignity and respect that our country deserves. 


Notes and Observations: Kerry's NH campaign responded with an "Ad Watch" headlined "Dean Distorts and Demagogues on Iraq in Attack Ad" which stated that the ad "ignores Howard Dean's clear record of statements in support of military action against Iraq and demagogues this important national security issue by falsely claiming that John Kerry and others raised no questions about the Bush administration's Iraq policy before the Iraq war began."  Donald J. McTigue, the Kucinich campaign's legal counsel, sent a letter (10/23/03) to station managers "requesting that your station not air the Dean advertisement in question that includes false statements damaging to the reputation of U.S. Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich and to his presidential campaign...," and Kucinich himself held a press conference in Portsmouth on the matter on October 24.