Dean for America

30-second ad run in Iowa starting mid-Nov. 2003.


[Cheers] Male Announcer: Something different's happening.

Howard Dean: The biggest lie that gets said at election time is if you elect me I'm going to solve all your problems.

[Cheers, chants in background] Announcer: Hundreds of thousands are joining together to take our country back from corporate special interests.

Dean: The truth is that the power to change this country is in your hands, not mine.

...We need jobs in America... insurance for every single American...

Announcer: On January 19th you can change America.

Dean (voiceover): I'm Howard Dean and I approve this message because it's time to take our country back.

On the screen: A series of clips (14 by my count) of Dean speaking to and interacting with crowds.  1. Pan across large crowd to Dean.  2. Medium shot of Dean speaking.  3. Dean shaking hands with people.  4. Wide shot, from behind, of Dean at podium speaking to a large crowd holding a multitude of Dean signs.  5. Pan across faces of crowd.  6. Pan across signs in crowd.  7. Dean waving.  8. Dean in front of supporters gesturing.  9. Medium wide shot of Dean at podium [Sleepless Summer] surrounded by supporters.  10. Medium shot of Dean at podium.  11. Dean shaking hands with young people.  12. Dean at podium. 13.Dean, from behind, addressing a large crowd.  14. Add text "Attend your local caucus January 19th."  15. Medium shot of Dean speaking into microphone. 
Notes and Observations: This ad almost seems like it might be run just before the Caucuses.