Dean for America

"Different View"
30-second TV spot run in Iowa starting Nov. 17, 2003 

Trippi, McMahon &

Female Announcer: October 2002.  Dick Gephardt agrees to co-author the Iraq war resolution - giving George Bush the authority to go to war.

A week later, with Gephardt's support, it passes Congress. 

Then, last month, Dick Gephardt votes to spend $87 billion more on Iraq.

Howard Dean has a different view.

Howard Dean: I opposed the war in Iraq, and I'm against spending another $87 billion there.  I'm Howard Dean and I approved this message because our country and our party need new leadership.

On the Screen: 1. Text "October 2, 2002"  2. Photo of Bush with Gephardt and other members of Congress.  3. Text "October 10, 2002"  4. Short video clip of Congress.  5. Text "October 17, 2003"  6. Text "$87 Billion More"  7. Text "Howard Dean has a Different View."  8. Dean on the street talking to the camera; he is identified as "Governor Howard Dean Democrat for President," then the disclaimer replaces that across the bottom.

Notes and Observations: A week or so before this ad ran, Dean for America also sent out in Iowa a direct mail piece with the same theme. 

The Gephardt campaign responded with an ad of its own, "Tough," which began running on November 21, 2003 in Iowa.

Earlier, in a November 17, 2003 press release, the Gephardt campaign termed this ad "the first negative ad in Iowa Democratic Caucus history" and said it is "notable for misrepresenting Dean's position on the $87b legislation to rebuild Iraq."  Gephardt Campaign Manager Steve Murphy stated:

"While Howard Dean argued that he needed to ignore campaign finance spending restrictions to beat George Bush, it is now clear that the real reason was to beat Dick Gephardt in Iowa.

"Furthermore, it is irresponsible for Governor Dean to attack Dick Gephardt for his vote to support funding to keep our troops safe and rebuild Iraq.  Simply put, support for that bill was the responsible thing to do and Dick Gephardt's leadership stands in marked contrast to that of Howard Dean.

"Governor Dean said in September that 'we have no choice' but to support the $87b legislation.  Then, in October, Dean said he didn't intend to make whether you were for it or against it an issue in the campaign.  Once again, we see Howard Dean's motivation is a political calculation on what is best to win this campaign, and not a leadership decision on what is the right thing to do."