Dean for America

30-second TV spot run in Iowa starting Nov. 24, 2003. 

Trippi, McMahon &

[Music] Bush-clip from ad: "...take one vial, one canister, one crate..."

Male Announcer: He misled the nation about weapons of mass destruction.

And we went to war when we shouldnít have.

Howard Dean is committed to fighting terrorism and protecting our national security.

But Howard Dean opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning.

He believes itís time we had a foreign policy consistent with American values.

And itís time to restore the dignity and respect our country deserves around the world.

Howard Dean to camera: Iím Howard Dean and I approve this message because our party and our country need new leadership. 

On the Screen: Clip of Bush speaking and inset on white screen with banner "Republican Party Ad"  2. Fade to text screen "We Went to War When We Shouldn't Have"  3. Text screen "Howard Dean  Committed to Fighting Terrorism"  4. Text screen "Howard Dean Will Protect Our National Security"  5. Text screen "Howard Dean Opposed the War in Iraq From the Beginning"  6. Clip of Dean talking with a couple of veterans.  7. Clip of Dean walking in a field with a couple of farmers.  8. Clip of Dean talking with three people on a street in a town.  9. Clip of Dean in a cafeteria/lunchroom setting talking to people; wide shot with more than a dozen people seen seated at the tables.  10. Medium close up of Dean on the street talking to the camera.

Notes and Observations: This is a response to the RNC ad "Reality."  Campaign manager Joe Trippi outlined the rationale in a November 21 e-mail to supporters:

"This weekend, the Republican National Committee is launching its first television ads for George W. Bush.  The ads show the fear-mongering that George Bush and Karl Rove are going to use, with their $200 million in special interest money, to try to distort what we are fighting for in this election.

"There is only one way to stop them -- and that is by standing up and telling the truth about what this president has done to our country.  To do that, we've put up the bat on our website.  Our goal is to raise $360,000 by Tuesday at midnight -- $5,000 for every hour they are going to lie to the Americans people with their ad.  We need to show that we're not going to allow the administration to wage an air war on the American people...

"This [RNC] ad is about distorting Howard Dean's opposition to the war with Iraq.  They say that those who opposed the war oppose defending our nation from terrorism.  But the war in Iraq had nothing to do with al Qaeda or the war on terrorism.  The president's misleading statements -- and the war they led us into -- are making us less safe."

Compared to the Kerry response ad "No Mr. President," "Misled" offers somewhat more positive rhetoric.