Dean for America

60-second TV spot run starting approximately Dec. 22, 2003. 

Trippi, McMahon &

[Music] Male Announcer: He took classes at night to get into medical school, volunteered in an emergency room in the South Bronx, and with his wife Judy, Howard Dean became a family doctor, hoping to make a difference one life at a time.

He became governor under the worst of circumstances and earned a reputation as a maverick and independent, by turning a deficit into a surplus, creating jobs, raising the minumum wage twice, and balancing budgets 11 years in a row. 

And while Washington talked, Howard Dean provided health care coverage for nearly every child in his state and a prescription drug benefit for seniors.

Now he's running for President--to repeal the Bush tax cuts, restore a foreign policy that reflects American values, and break the special interest gridlock.  To provide health insurance for every American.

Howard Dean: We can stop the special interests, but not without your help.  I'm Howard Dean and I approve this ad because the truth is the power to change this country is in your hands, not mine. 

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