Dean for America

30-second TV spot run in WI starting Feb. 11, 2004. 

Dean Media Team

Michael Reinhardt:  Well, I've been a Republican all my life. 

Bush - I just can't abide. 

Dean is all for building alliances with Europe and Asia. 

I like his position on gun control. 

He was against the war. 

He's the guy who can beat Bush. 

How long a list do you want? 

I'm Michael Reinhardt.  I'm a stockbroker and frankly, I'd like to take back my country.


Dean for America

30-second TV spots run in WI starting Feb. 11, 2004. 

Dean Media Team

Maxine Anderson:  When all the other Democrats were laying around like, "Oh, I'm so afraid of Bush I can't do anything at all," Howard Dean came out and said he was against going to war with Iraq. 

I've never been involved in a presidential campaign before. 

I like this guy. 

I may never be famous, and that's fine, but people are going to know I stood for something. 

My friends call me Max.  I'm a claims adjuster and I'm taking back my country."


On the Screen: Clips of ordinary folks talking to the camera.  Plain white background.

Notes and Observations: Dean Media Team was a San Francisco-based grassroots group independent of the campaign.  From the Dean Media Team website ( "We're a dynamic community of dedicated media professionals -- communication strategists, information designers, print and graphic designers, video and sound producers, and writers -- who devote their time, talent, and passion working  to get Howard Dean elected.  Switch2Dean Videos by Kevin Murray.  Produced by Bart Myers and David Fox."  The site notes that, "The Dean Media Team recorded the first set of impromptu videos during the August 2003 Meetups and the rest during a video shoot in September 2003."

According to a campaign press release, during a 36- hour period on Feb. 8 and 9, 2004 over 23,000 Dean supporters voted online among three of the "Switch 2 Dean" grassroots ads.  They selected the two testimonial ads featuring Maxine Anderson of San Francisco and Michael Reinhardt of San Rafael, CA.  The ads actually consist of snippets taken from longer interviews and there is light, peppy music in the background.  Interestingly the web version of "Mike" contains the additional snippet "I like his position on womens' right to choose."