Democratic National Committee

:60 second Internet ad May 31, 2004


[Music: Semper Fideles] 

Text on screen: On the campaign trail, George W. Bush is all promises..

Bush at podium: Part of rebuilding the morale of the United States military is to keep the commitments to those who have worn our uniform.  To the veterans in the audience I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  To the veterans in the audience, a promise made will be a promise kept.

[Record scratch]
[Music switches to snare dream beat.]

Text on the screen: But Recently, An internal White House Memo surfaced showing...

GRAPHIC of internal White House memo, picture of White House in the background...

Text on the screen: Bush Has a Secret Plan Under Which 

"The Department of Veterans Affairs is scheduled to get... 

a $910 million CUT in 2006..." 

[Source: Washington Post, 5/27/04]

Bush at podium: To the veterans in the audience, a promise made, will be a promise kept.

Text on screen: If Bush Is Elected This November He Will Cut Nearly $1 Billion In Funding for Veterans

So This Memorial Day...Please Remember 

Credibility Is On the Ballot This November


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Notes and Observations