Democratic National Committee

"Broken Record"
:30 second TV ad run starting Aug. 27, 2004 in 19 battleground states.

Murphy Putnam Shorr & Partners
AKP Message & Media

George W. Bush, 7/9/04: "Our economy is strong, and it is growing stronger"

George W. Bush, 7/2/04: "Manufacturing activity is as good as it's been in 20 years."

George W. Bush, 4/2/04: "This is a changing economy. It's a different economy."

George W. Bush, 7/2/04: "This economy of ours is steady and strong; it's steady and strong."

[repeat: "Steady and strong"]

Announcer: The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertisement.


On the Screen: "features the voice of George W. Bush delivering remarks regarding the economy while economic statistics appear on the screen telling a very different story.  The setting is an empty warehouse and the end of the ad shows that the voice is coming from a record player with a broken record."

Notes and Observations: Heading into the Republican National Convention...