Democratic National Committee

30-second ad unveiled Sept. 15, 2004 to run the next week in at least 10 battleground states.

George W. Bush [5/1/03] Voice Over:  "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. … The United States and our allies have prevailed."

Text: Since President Bush declared “Mission Accomplished”…867* more American soldiers have been killed in Iraq. (*As of 9-10-04)

Text: Cost: $100 Billion.

George W. Bush [5/4/04] Voice Over:  "...…the economy is strong.  The economy is getting better."

Text: Sharp rise in poverty reported [Chicago Tribune headline, 8/27/04]

Text: The Gap in Wages is Growing Again for U.S. Workers [Wall Street Journal Headline, 1/23/04]

Text: Record 45 million people lack coverage [Chicago Tribune headline, 8/27/04]

Text: How can you solve problems…when you won’t even admit they’re there?

Text: America can do better.

Announcer: The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

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