Democratic National Committee

"Black Voter/White Voter - Values"
:60 second radio ad  African American; announced Oct. 5, 2004  in conjunction with the DNC/Kerry-Edwards  announcement of their Voter Protection Program


(African American Male) Announcer: George Bush and the Republicans will tell you to vote.

That you’re part of the process, a part of history.

Yep, that’s what you’ll hear.

If you’re white.

If you’re black, you get the other message.

The negative ads.  Making you feel your vote doesn’t matter.  That you don’t matter.

But on this Election Day, you do matter. The African-American vote matters even more.

We know George Bush and the Republicans.

They use their power, but not in our community.

Because the Republicans abandoned our schools promising millions that never came.

Your vote can change that.

They use their power but not in our community.  1.74 million African-Americans are jobless and more than 7 million of us have no health insurance.

Your vote can change that.

John Kerry and the Democrats offer a real plan and real help for our communities.

On November 2nd, your vote can change America.  Vote Democratic.  YOU have the power to
make the difference.  Don’t believe the Republican hype, our vote matters.

John Kerry: I’m John Kerry. I’m running for President and I approved this message.

Announcer: Paid for by the Democratic National Committee and authorized by Kerry-Edwards
2004, Inc.

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