Democratic National Committee

"On The Road"
30-second ad premiered during Saturday Night Live on Oct. 9, 2004.

[Music]  Male Announcer: We're on the road asking folks what makes George Bush tick -- like why does he support corporate tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas.

Man: He just doesn't care.

Woman: He doesn't get it.

Male Announcer: We've lost a million jobs to other countries and George Bush thinks outsourcing is a good idea.

Man: He sure isn't on my side.

Male Announcer: Log on to and vote...

[SFX] He doesn't get it.

[SFX] He doesn't care.

or [SFX] He's not on your side.

You could win a backwards running watch.

The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertisment.  [SFX: Moo].
On the screen:
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