Democratic National Committee

"Mission Not Accomplished-Health Care"
15-second ad run during the Republican National Convention as part of the DNC's "Mission Not Accomplished" response.

[Music, Birds Chirping]  Male AnnouncerThey claim to be bringing down the cost of health care.

But over the past four years health insurance costs are up 50 percent.

And they've prohibited patients from importing cheaper drugs from Canada.

Mission Not Accomplished.

The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
On the screen:  1. Extreme wide shot of a suburban home and garage.  2. Closer shot of the garage; two people are in front--a man seated and another person standing.  3. The seated man flips a card to show the word "NOT" while the words "Mission" and "Accomplished" appear on the screen.
Notes and Observations:  Amusing touch at the end.