Democratic National Committee

"Mission Not Accomplished- Iraq"
15-second ad run during the Republican National Convention as part of the DNC's "Mission Not Accomplished" response.

[Music]  Male AnnouncerThey've pursued a go-it-alone war in Iraq. 

No weapons of mass destruction. 

Costing $200 billion and counting. 

No plan to win the peace.

Mission Not Accomplished

The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
On the screen:  1. Blue sky with a white pole in the lower left of the screen.  2. Camera pans down to show the pole is a flag pole next to a building on a sandy beach.  The American flag is flying at half mast.  A man and a woman are standing on the sand.  3. The man flips the card he is holding to show the word "NOT" which is framed by the words "Mission" and "Accomplished" on the screen.
Notes and Observations:  Amusing touch at the end.