On July 29, 2004 the DNC announced Adam Klugman and Jefferson Smith of Oregon had produced the winning entry:

"America's Party"
Male Announcer: In the last century, Americans organized as our nation moved from a farm past to a factory present.

Faced with gaping wealth disparities, corruption of our political process, destruction of nature and workforce unprepared for a changing economy, these leaders formed a new vision for democracy.

Today we again see the dawn of a new era, from an assembly line past to an interconnected, information-future and we must again rebuild our democratic community.

One that stands for a world class education, an economy that is both healthy and fair, a thriving natural environment, healthy people with accessible health care, a secure nation with international credibility and working elections and engaged citizens that make all of this possible.

Not bigger government, not smaller government but better government.

Not left. Not right. But forward.

The Democratic Party. America's Party.

For Immediate Release
June 14, 2004

Contact: Jano Cabrera


Contest Gives Boston Convention Nationwide Voice

Washington, D.C. - The Democratic National Committee announced its plan today for a multimedia contest - "An American Made Convention"- which will give Democrats from all over the country an opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent during this summer's Democratic National Convention program.

"At its core, the Democratic Party is the party of inclusion," said DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe.  "The 2004 Convention will take place within the walls of Boston's Fleet Center, but it is our goal to give Americans nationwide the opportunity to have their voices heard within that hall.  This contest is one of many efforts designed to make Boston 'An American-Made Convention' of which we can all take part and all be proud."

Under the contest guidelines announced today entrants will be asked to create an ad in flash animation or video format, no longer than 60 seconds, to be grouped into one of two categories: "I am supporting John Kerry because-" or "I want a new direction for America because-"  Entries must be submitted by 9:00 a.m. (EDT) Monday, July 12.

Paul Begala will pick ten finalists whose ads will be shown on the DNC website where visitors will be able to view and vote for their favorite.  The winning ad will be aired on the jumbo screen during the Democratic National Convention.

"In the current political climate, ordinary people feel compelled to speak -- and speak from the heart," said McAuliffe.  "At the same time, we are embracing new vehicles for communicating that enable individuals to participate in the political process in brand new ways.  This summer, these forces will come together on the big screen when the lights go on in Boston, and we
could not be more excited to be play host to it all."

For full contest rules and guidelines or to submit a contest entry, please visit the DNC website at www.democrats.org/amc