Edwards for President, Inc.

"Two Americas"
30-second ad run in Iowa, announced Jan. 7, 2004

Axelrod & Associates

John Edwards:  It seems today, we have two Americas. 

With two health care systems: one for the privileged; another rationed by insurance companies.

Two public school systems: one for the haves; and one for everybody else. 

Two tax systems: where the wealthy and corporations pay less; working families pay more.

Two governments: One for powerful interests and lobbyists; the other for the rest of us. 

I'm John Edwards.  And I approved this message because together you and I can change America and make it work for all of us. 


On the screen:  Video of Edwards is run in a square on the left side of the screen; text and bluish tinted video is run in a smaller rectangle on the right side of the screen; these are framed by a white background.  The clip of Edwards is a medium close up of him, wearing a suit and tie, talking to the camera; a flag is behind his right shoulder. 

In the smaller box on the right side: 1. Text "Senator John Edwards on 2 Americas"  2. Text "2 Health Care systems"  3. Video clip; swipe; video clip.  4. Text "2 Public School systems"  5. Video clip; swipe; video clip.  6. Text "2 Tax systems"  7. Video clip; swipe; video clip.  8. Text "2 Governments"  9. Video clip; swipe; video clip.  10. Text "John Edwards for President, For a copy of the Edwards Plan: www.JohnEdwards2004.com; add disclaimer.

Notes and Observations