Edwards for President, Inc.

"Better Life"
30-second ad run in Iowa, announced Jan. 7, 2004

Axelrod & Associates

[Music] John Edwards:  I was born 50 years ago and this was my first home. 

The folks I grew up with, they weren't famous and they sure weren't rich.  They just worked hard everyday to give their kids a better life.

I'm John Edwards and I approved this message because I believe that when you remember where you came from, you'll always know where you're going and what you need to fight for. 

Real change that will give today's families a chance to give their kids a better life.  As president that's what I'll fight for every day. 

An America that works for all of us. 


On the screen: 1. Very wide shot of Edwards standing in front of small house and talking to the camera.  2. B&W photo, zoom in.  3. Color photo, zoom in.  4. Medium shot of Edwards in front of house, talking to the camera, identified on screen as Senator John Edwards.  5. Cut to medium wide shot.  6. Back to medium shot.  7. Kids; web address.  8. Kids.  9. Edwards at lectern, flag in background; disclaimer.  10. Crowd.  11. Medium shot of Edwards in front of house, talking to the camera; John Edwards for President and disclaimer..
Notes and Observations