Edwards for President, Inc.

30-second ad run in NH starting Jan. 13, 2004. 

Axelrod & Associates


[Music in background] John Edwards (voice over):  I was born 50 years ago to a family with little material wealth, but a belief that in America anything is possible. 

When people doubted I'd become a lawyer or get elected to the United States Senate, I proved them wrong and I won.

So when they say I can't change Washington, I say I'm not owned by anybody. 

I've never taken a dime from a Washington lobbyist and I never will. 

I'll be your president, not theirs - who won't tell you what's wrong with every other candidate but do what's right for America.

I'm John Edwards and I approve this message.


On the screen: Scenes of Edwards running; still photos and video clips interspersed.
Notes and Observations: This is the first Edwards' ad using running imagery.