Edwards for President, Inc.

30-second ad run in Iowa starting Jan. 17, 2004. 

Axelrod & Associates


[Music only; words appear as text on screen (no narration)].
To all those who stood up


and spoke out

Made us laugh



and believe 

a positive vision 

of hope 

and new ideas 

can change America

Your time is now.

John Edwards (voice over): I'm John Edwards and I approve this message.


On the screen: A rapid sequence of shots of faces and hands and some images of Edwards mixed in, but not too many; all told there are about thirty different images.  In the opening clip the camera starts on an Edwards sign and then pans up to show two woman working a table.  Toward the close is a text screen "Your time is now."
Notes and Observations: "Now" is a very poetic and effective closing ad, really a thank you to people who have helped on the campaign and attended Edwards' events.  Its hopeful message recalls one of the Clinton/Gore '92 ads.