Edwards for President, Inc.

60-second ad run in Iowa and NH starting Aug. 6, 2003.  Run in SC starting Aug. 18, 2003.

Axelrod & Associates



[Music in background throughout] 

John Edwards (to camera)
My grandmother came from a family of sharecroppers.  My father worked in a cotton mill all his life, and I helped out there in the summers.  I'll never forget the people there.  Women in bandanas; men with grease on their faces and lint in their hair.  Their jobs were hard, but they took pride in work and they wanted to give their kids a better life.

As a lawyer and a Senator I've spent my whole life  working for folks just like them, whose voices are way too often ignored.

George Bush, he comes from a very different place.  He believes if we take care of the folks at the top that somehow the whole country will be lifted. 

And now we know the cost.  Millions of jobs lost, pensions destroyed, the price of health care and college soaring.  The CEOs are doing great, but too many Americans aren't.

I'm John Edwards.  I'm running for President, and I approved this message because I have a specific plan to get our country moving again.  And it begins with one simple truth.  America works best when it works for all of us.


On the screen: A medium wide shot of Edwards seated at a table talking to the camera.  He is wearing shirt and tie.  Greenery and trees are visible through the window behind him.  During the second sentence Edwards speaks, a CG is added "Senator John Edwards."  The camera very slowly moves to the right and zooms in.  Toward the close, text is added across the bottom of the screen: "For a copy of the Edwards plan" and the campaign's web address.  Finally the disclaimer is run across the bottom of the screen.  In the South Carolina version an (803) telephone number is used instead of the web address.