Edwards for President, Inc.

30-second ad to run in Sioux City, Ottumwa, and Mason City, Iowa markets starting Aug. 25, 2003. 

Axelrod & Associates


[Music in background] John Edwards: This is where I grew up.  A place where values like hard work, family, faith, and community matter.

They still do.

But today our small towns and rural areas are hurting, and Washington doesn't seem to care.

I'm John Edwards, and I'm running for President with a detailed plan to bring new jobs and opportunity to small towns, to improve rural schools and access to first rate health care.

I approved this message because I want to keep the American Dream alive -- in every hometown.


On the screen: Medium wide shot of Edwards on a small town street walking towards the camera talking.  He's wearing a button-up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up a bit, and khakis.  Three new American flags wave from the shops behind him.  CG text at the bottom of the screen identifies the town as "Robbins, North Carolina."  CG disappears; new CG added: "Senator John Edwards."  Edwards stops walking toward the camera and the camera starts to slowly zoom in on him.  CG added: "For a copy of the Edwards plan: "  Camera finishes on medium close up shot; add CG disclaimer and "John Edwards for President."
Notes and Observations:  Small town America, the American flag...powerful symbols.