Edwards for President, Inc.

30-second ad run in Iowa starting Oct. 6, 2003 and in NH later that week. 

Axelrod & Associates

John Edwards: Eighty-seven billion for Iraq with no plan in sight. 

Billion dollar giveaways for the presidentís oil industry friends like Halliburton. 

And no help from the allies he shut out. 

Is this our America?

Well I will not give this president a blank check. 

We should stop the inside deals and work with our allies in Iraq so we can afford to make us stronger at home with health care for every child and a real plan to create jobs.

I'm John Edwards and I approved this message because I want America to be respected, honest and strong.


On the screen: Edwards in a suit and tie speaking to the camera.  He is in front of open French doors, apparently on a porch, with a hallway leading to a door in the background.  There is just one shot: the camera zooms in very slowly from a medium shot of Edwards to a medium close up shot.  At the beginning is CG text "Senator John Edwards."  At the end is CG text the disclaimer.
Notes and Observations:  This is the first ad in which Edwards has appeared so formally dressed; the intent may be to convey a very serious tone because of the serious issue, Iraq, he is addressing.  The ad has no background music.