Edwards for President, Inc.

30-second ad run in Iowa and NH starting Oct. 8, 2003. 

Axelrod & Associates

John Edwards: This president says [music up] he wants a values debate.  We ought to give him a values debate. 

How about this values debate?  We have 41 million people in America with no health insurance.  We have twelve million innocent children [cymbal SFX] with no health insurance. 

And I think given a choice between more tax cuts for multi-millionaires and covering innocent children who have no health insurance, the American people [music up tempo] will stand where this president won't. 

They will stand with these kids who need help.  [applause]

Edwards (voiceover): I'm John Edwards and I approve this message.


On the screen: Edwards speaking to 25 or 30 people in a cafe type setting; the camera cuts between shots of him speaking and shots of members of the audience listening.  

This moderately complex ad includes 12 separate clips during the 30 seconds.  The shots: (1) Close up of man and woman listening; sharpen focus on the woman, then pan in that direction.  (2) Medium wide shot of Edwards speaking in a cafe type setting; he is surrounded by people listening.  The street is visible through windows in the background.  CG text "Senator John Edwards."  (3) Camera finds focus on extreme close up of man with glasses listening.  (4) Edwards speaking.  (5) Profile of woman listening, nodding.  (6) Edwards speaking.  (7) Graphic "The Edwards Plan: Insure every child in America" and web address.  (8) Medium close up of Edwards speaking, flag fills the background.  (9) Hazily lit shot of man listening; Edwards hand gesturing appears in the upper corner of the frame.  (10) Medium wide shot of Edwards listening.  (11) Medium shot of Edwards nodding, flag in the background.  (12) Zoom out to an extreme wide shot of Edwards standing in the middle of the room surrounded by people applauding.

Notes and Observations:  Edwards frames the large number of people without health insurance as a values question.  He presents "a choice between more tax cuts for multi-millionaires and covering innocent children."