Edwards for President, Inc.

30-second ad for Iowa released Nov. 13, 2003. 

Axelrod & Associates

John Edwards: Did you know that we're in an economic recovery right now?  What they call a 'jobless economic recovery.'  Where I grew up, if you don't have a job, you don't have a recovery.

Male Voice Over: Working men and women have given John Edwards high marks for his record and his plan:
Chyron: The Edwards Record: 96% lifetime rating from AFL-CIO (Source: AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education)

Block unfair trade agreements.
Chyron: The Edwards Plan: Block unfair trade agreements.

End tax breaks for companies who move jobs overseas; and give tax cuts to companies who create jobs here.
Chyron: The Edwards Plan: End tax breaks to companies who move jobs overseas.
Chyron: The Edwards Plan: Give tax breaks to companies who create jobs here.

John Edwards:  We ought to give tax breaks to American companies who will keep jobs right in America.  Iím John Edwards and I approve this message.
Chyron: For a copy of the Edwards Plan:  www.johnedwards2004.com


On the screen: Footage from town hall meeting.
Notes and Observations: Filmed at a gathering of caucusgoers at CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids on October 7.