Edwards for President, Inc.

30-second ad 

Axelrod & Associates

[Music in background] John Edwards: The very idea that people at the top of Enron steal millions and millions of dollars, their employees lose their jobs, investors [music spikes] lose all their money. 

And how many of those people have gone to jail?  I mean really. 

Somebody goes down to the grocery store and steals half a gallon of milk, they end up in jail, but here we go with George Bush's friends get in trouble, they don't go to jail. 

We need to act to put the law back on the side of the American people and not have the law [applause] be on the side of special interests.

I'm John Edwards and I approve this message.


On the screen: 1. Edwards talking in a town hall like setting; Edwards campaign signs arranged on wall in the background.  2. Face of man in the audience.  3. Edwards.  4. Text screen "The Edwards Plan: Crack down on corporate corruption."  5. Edwards.  6. Text screen "The Edwards Plan: Protect all investors."  7. Edwards.  8. Face in audience.  9. Edwards.  10. Add disclaimer; camera zooms out for wider show of Edwards.
Notes and Observations